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What Changed After They Went Through Closer Cartel

Yes, Closer Cartel works!

Get to know the stories of regular people, just like me and you, from all different backgrounds who changed their lives forever with High Ticket Sales.


"Within a couple months, I was making $8k-$10k per month. None of this would have been possible without Closer Cartel."


"Closer Cartel changed my life. I'm enjoying the freedom I have now in remote sales, and I recommend you do the same."


"I was able to hop on an offer in just a few weeks, and I made more money in two days than I used to in a week."


"Expect unlimited help from the coaches, with everything from A to Z. Super appreciative for what they've done for me and my life."


"Closer Cartel already helped me make my first thousand dollars online."


"I was a full-time mom with a full-time job. All thanks to Closer Cartel, I was able to get on an offer and quit my 9-5 job."


"From October to January I did $200K on my solar offer, which I was able to get through the Closer Cartel Community."


"In less than a month after completing the program, I had offers reaching out to me."


"Closer Cartel is more than just an education platform. Even after I got on an offer, I was attending ongoing coaching calls."


"Closer Cartel is life-changing. It is 100% worth the money."


"Within 2 days I had a second offer, and within 2 weeks I had a third offer through Closify. My first month I did over $10K profit."


"It's set up perfectly for complete beginners to hop in, and within a couple weeks they are on an offer making $10K a month."

3,000+ Students.
Millions of dollars in closed deals.

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Don't just take my word for it. Hear what a few of our students have to say...

Josh Garcia

$65K+ in ONE Month ($100K in 90 Days)

“This changed my life and my family’s life forever. You get coaching, mentorship. You learn how to close and get on offers.”

Kade Wiley

$37K+ in his FIRST month Appointment Setting

“The biggest thing for me was the Closer Cartel community. They helped me realize how possible it is to actually make $10K, $20K, even $30K a month.”

RJ Richmond

$30K+ in 60 Days

"I had a phenomenal experience. If you're thinking about joining, you will not regret it. I guarantee it."

Get Your Questions Answered!

We have answered below the most common questions about Closer Cartel 3.0

"What if I have zero sales or business experience?"

No experience, no problem. We've taken students from zero experience to $10K-$30K per month. Closer Cartel 3.0 is designed to help people of all experience levels. Our program includes comprehensive training, resources and the most robust sales community on the web to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed in high ticket sales.

"What kind of money can I expect to make in sales?"

Your earnings in sales can vary widely depending on factors such as your industry, product/service, location, experience, and performance. However, with Closer Cartel 3.0, you'll have access to not only proven strategies and techniques, but also premiere sales opportunities to help you land a high-paying offer, close more deals and earn more commissions.

"I've tried sales before, it didn't work out for me..."

We understand that sales can come off as 'simple,' but not easy, but with Closer Cartel 3.0, we provide you with a step-by-step process that has been proven to work. Our program includes the world's best training, resources and community to help you develop the skillset you need to make life changing income from high ticket sales.

"How do I know if this is for me?"

Do you like money? Then Closer Cartel 3.0 is right for you; simple as that. But in all seriousness, if you're looking to improve your sales skills and increase your life-long earning potential, there is no better or more complete sales training program. Our program is designed for individuals who are motivated, committed, and willing to put in the effort to succeed. If you do the work, you will get the results.

"How long does it normally take to start making money?"

The course material, resources, communities and opportunities in Closer Cartel 3.0 are available to our members forever, so you can learn, practice and hone your sales skills at your own pace. We've had students go from making minimum wage, to quitting their job and making tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. It all depends on how hard you're willing to work. Although the course material includes over 100 hours of information, training and modules, there is no hard limit to the quickness or amount of earning potential offered in our program. That's the beauty of high ticket sales.

"Do I get ongoing support and coaching?"

Yes, we offer ongoing support and coaching to help you achieve your sales goals. Our program includes access to a community of successful sales professionals (including many students who have already done what you're trying to do) who are available to provide training, guidance and support as you progress through the program.

"What if I'm not satisfied with Closer Cartel 3.0?"

We're confident that you'll be satisfied with Closer Cartel 3.0, but if for any reason you're not, we offer an effort-based success guarantee. If for whatever reason, you've complete the course, applied yourself within the community, showed up to the training and sparring sessions and you're still not satisfied with the results of program, we guarantee we will work with you personally until you make at least $10K.