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How High Ticket Sales Changed My Life

and The Start Of Closer Cartel

My name is Luke Alexander

How Luke Alexander Went From College Drop Out To Making $1 Million At 22 By Mastering High Ticket Sales

My name is Luke Alexander and I’d like to share my life story & the birth of Closer Cartel.

Before we start, there’s one thing I want you to bear in mind: I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can change their lives through the skill of sales. This is a guiding factor to every decision I make and you’re about to find out why…

How it started

How it's going

But before we get into that...

My story starts in a little town in Ohio called Piketon.

I was born into poverty in the poorest county in my state. We had no internet, no A/C and money was always very scarce. My father was abusive and beat on my mother and brother and I, and didn't want to work so we had even less money as time progressed.

This was the starting point and the trials that shaped me from just a young boy.

Dark Days

As I got older my brother and I started to realize if we wanted anything other than the life we had been given we needed to work for it. We mowed lawns, did construction, worked on farms, sold guns and cars to crackheads, basically anything we could do to make an extra buck and get by.

As high school came to an end I understood my role as the oldest brother and the man of the house: I needed to take care of everyone. Doing this from where I grew up without internet would be impossible, so I moved a few hours away to college (Luckily paid for by loans and scholarships) to get internet access and hopefully the tools I needed to start building.

I got to college and quickly realized I was not meant to work a normal job and live a normal life. Growing up without anything means that even if you make a decent salary, $50,000-$60,000 a year, you still can't do much for your family. With this realization I decided whatever I did I needed to do BIG. So I started skipping class and learning daily about online business.

This led to me dropping below the acceptable GPA at school and consequently dropping out after just a year.

First Businesses (Failed)

Throughout my childhood I had always sold things here and there whether it be guns, cars, junk found in yard sales or my time and labor. So when I got to college and needed money I naturally did what I had always done and started re-selling clothing from TJ max and marshalls online.

I made a couple hundred a month from this and was able to save up a bit so started trading stocks and options (Not a good idea). I quickly made a couple thousand dollars a month only to lose it all on one trade.

Back to $0... I wanted to become a day trader like all of the guru's I saw online, but needed cash to trade with. So I started learning about online business models and how they worked. The new plan was to start an online business and funnel that cash into trading again until I made it work.

The business I ended up picking was something I'm sure a lot of you have tried as well: A social media marketing agency. However, the story doesn't end here with a successful business and financial freedom. This was just the start.

I moved everything I had into a small apartment across the street since and took a look at my entire situation:

Less than $500 to my name, no business, college dropout at 19 years old, my mom worried sick at home with no idea what I was doing, and a giant dream of "making it".

I paid my rent at the apartment with the last bit of money I had and spent the next 30 days trying to get clients for my "agency". I decided I was going to get a client and pay rent or simply not live anymore. Going home wasn't an option, and I had only one plan so it had to work. 27 days passed with no clients and I was starting to think I had made the wrong choice.

Then on day 28/30 with rent looming on the horizon I signed my first large client for a $500 website build. Rent paid, another 30 days to fight again.

Over the next 12 months I would go on to build my agency out, do $100,000 in revenue and move into a better apartment. Most people would call this success, but the truth is I wasn't happy.

I was burnt out from dealing with clients, doing outreach constantly, hiring and firing a team and always wondering where the next deal was coming from.

The guru's I had seen online and in courses told me building an agency was the greatest thing on earth, but it was starting to feel like a lie.

Then, I had a life changing idea: The only time I made money in my agency was when I sold a $10k deal to a prospect. Not building funnels or sites or running ads, only when I "sold" the thing. "How could I do more of that and less of finding clients and fulfilling a service?" I thought.

Turning Point

I shut down my six figure agency and started reaching out to past clients and connections of mine. I was going to start selling their offers instead of my own for commission.

I still didn't really know what the world of "high ticket sales" looked like but I knew I was really good at selling things and that businesses needed my skill.

My first HTS client was a real estate coaching offer. It was great, I made good money but left since I wasn't getting as many calls as I needed.

I began my search for another offer to sell and found a company in california selling $20,000-$100,000 investment style offers. Commissions ran at 10% meaning I was going to make more money than I ever had.

I applied for the job only to be told I didn't have enough experience. I wasn't going to take that for an answer and felt confident in my abilities so I convinced the CEO to give me a shot. I nailed it.

They flew me to california for a week of intense work and training. 5am to 11pm type of life. Selling this offer and a boiler room type of environment improved my skill quickly and I was soon making $20,000-$30,000 a month in commissions.

I had gone from agency owner to closer in only a few months time and had cracked the code on what it took to make big money in sales.

Over the next year I continued selling and started building a small sales agency on the side. This "sales agency" was essentially multiplying myself across a few offers and allowed me to make even more money.

To do this, I had to train sales reps from scratch by myself and after a few of them started making $10,000 a month I realized maybe I had a knack for teaching this skill.

We worked with some very large influencers and companies, taking calls for them and closing deals. My closers were killing it even as 18 year old rookies, and the companies we worked for were as well.

I decided to move out of Ohio and keep the momentum of the last year going, and left everything I had ever known for Miami, Florida.

Moving To Miami

Moving to miami challenged me and expanded my mind more than I could have ever asked for. As a small town kid I never saw lamborghinis or yachts or high end restaurants, but in Miami? This became my new life.

Everyday was an adventure either on a yacht with millionaires or driving lambos through the streets. I was overwhelmed with possibilities and started to think bigger for myself.

The sales agency was going great but we had let go of a few clients for having poor call volume coming in, and we were training more reps than ever when one day someone asked me if they could pay me to teach them sales.

I had never thought of that before but decided it was a good use of time so I agreed. Then another asked, and another, until soon we had several sales reps that had learned sales from me on offers.

Then the decision hit me, I could continue to grow this sales agency and deal with clients, or I could focus on teaching sales reps how to master sales. The choice was clear so I launched what we called "The sales training group" on twitter.

It was an overnight success. Over thirty people joined and after a few months of training we had students making $10,000-$30,000 a month in sales. I decided to go all in on this new company and rebranded it to what is now Closer Cartel.

Going Worldwide

Even before Closer cartel, I had been documenting my journey from college, to agency life, to becoming a high ticket closer, and to now. Our social media accounts were blowing up, with a combined reach of over 100,000 followers.

People started reaching out to me as we grew larger and larger. More and more people joined Closer Cartel each day until eventually we had over 500 students inside of our flagship program.

I couldn't handle the workload myself anymore so I put together the best team on earth to help as many people as possible learn sales, get on amazing offers, and make a doctors salary from a phone.

Our team is comprised of other closers and appointment setters who have millions of dollars under their belt, student success managers that live and breathe results, former students who have bought into the vision and more.

Launching Sales Accelerator

In 2022, we launched a lower barrier-to-entry offer teaching people how to appointment set for high ticket offers so they could earn money while learning the basics of sales.

This made Closer Cartel more accessible and more feasible for people with zero sales experience. Through this program, we've seen college students making $10K - $30K per month and beyond, without even having to close the deals themselves.

The addition of Sales Accelerator to our program was such a huge success, we decided to scrap our two-tiered sales education system, and join Closer Cartel's main curriculum together with Sales Accelerator.

And Closer Cartel 3.0 was born.

Closer Cartel 3.0

Closer Cartel 3.0 is more than just an educational program. It's a society; a community; a lifestyle.

We've built the step-by-step blueprints for how to go from zero, to six-figure appointment setter, to 6-7 figure remote sales closer; and not only that, but we've created an entire community of like-minded individuals, as well as an ecosystem of our own tools to help you with sales, job placement and more.

Imagine a college, but instead of random geeks everywhere, only your best friends go to this school. Instead of hurrying home after class, you actually want to go to study hours. Instead of useless chem labs with old equipment, there are actually useful facilities that hone your skills. Instead of having to listen to broke professors teach you about an average life, you get to learn a skill from someone who is actually doing what you want to do in life.

And the best part: we have built our own opportunity placement platform (Closify) into the Closer Cartel Ecosystem so that instead of paying $50K for a college degree that MIGHT get you a job, you can know with certainty that you have the skills and the opportunities you need to make the money that will buy you the life you want.

We have created an entire self-sufficient ecosystem of training, certifying, and placing salespeople in roles where they can thrive, all while innovating and providing the tools needed to be at the top of your sales game. Closer Cartel 3.0 in 2023 will to change the world of online business forever.

So what's next?

As of writing this it is 2023. Over 3000 people have come through our programs inside of Closer Cartel and we have students who have earned as much as $65,000 in commissions in a single month from our education.

Things have never been better, and we are committed to keeping our foot on the gas for not only our team but our students. Closer cartel's mission is to help as many people as we can change their lives through sales, and that is at the forefront of every choice we make as a company.

Closer Cartel has only been around for about two years at this point in time, and the future looks bright. We have plans for more offers, more student support and even better access to opportunities.

Even after everything that has happened, we are just getting started.

Closer Cartel is going to become even larger and better than it is now, but the mission will always remain.

Helping you improve your life and the lives of those around you thru sales.

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